about me

My inspiration comes from nature; twists and turns of twigs and branches inspire my baskets and sculptural forms. I prefer working with vines that I collect and harvest, but can also become totally enmeshed with commercial reed, copper wire and wool roving

My favorite tool is my hands for twining, coiling, weaving and crocheting in my work. Weaving can be a struggle because the material breaks, frays and tangles, but when the process clicks, it's an awesome feeling----an "a-ha" moment and a positive outlet for emotions. Nature will always provide me with an endless supply of imaginational inspirations, and my hope is that a completed piece will give others a connection to ones' soul.


M.Lee Suarez earned her Bachelor of Science at Southern Illinois University and earned both a Master of Fine Arts and Master of Arts at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is a member of the Faculty at Fontbonne University teaching courses in fibers. Suarez spends most of her time working, studying and creating in St. Louis, Missouri. She also spends part of the year at her studio in the mountains of Colorado. She is a proud mother of three children and grandmother to five.